"This is an incisive book about what we need to do to make schooling fit for purpose. It describes where we are, unpicks how we got here and charts some vital steps forward for individuals and communities. It's a flipping good book about schooling."

Professor Mick Waters

“It is rare to find, in a field as crowded as education, innovative thinking that is both out-of-the-box and yet realistic, so as to be  eminently actionable.  If education is to impart not only knowledge, but also skills and character, it is clear that one’s family and societal environments play a huge role;  we all know that 'it takes a village': education, more exactly learning, significantly happens outside formal classrooms; a child’s environment has enormous impact on expectations, self-confidence, resilience, and many other competencies.  By shining the spotlight on the critical social factors adjacent to formal education, the authors force the conversation to expand its purview, in a refreshingly original and useful direction.”

Charles Fadel, Founder, Center for Curriculum Redesign and author, “Four-Dimensional Education” and “Artificial Intelligence in Education” 

"As an educator, I have always held the African proverb that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ close to my heart. This wonderful book not only explains why but exemplifies how.”

Richard Gerver, International speaker and author

"Flipping Schools is an immensely important and timely book written with humility and a passionate commitment to providing future generations with the preparation for life they deserve. This meticulously researched work, packed with practical examples and useful tools, reaches the heart of the reasons why our education system can no longer address the pressing needs of England’s 21st century society without refocussing priorities. The case for a fundamental rethink of the prevailing models of accountability and leadership and the social factors that are holding it back is compelling. I cannot recommend it strongly enough to every senior leadership team and policymaker."

Brian Lightman, Former General Secretary ASCL

"This timely book challenges our thinking about the purpose of schools, giving us a radical critique of the current school effectiveness paradigm in England. Deeply human in its approach, it asks the big questions and gives us some ways forward. I really liked it."

Steve Munby, International Consultant, Formerly Chief Executive NCSL and the Education Development Trust

"This is a thoughtful and challenging book that deals with the challenges of developing the school system in England. To have a school-led system, schools need to be at the heart of their community, and school leaders need to have the courage and confidence to do what is right for the young people in their care. West-Burnham and Groves present thought provoking views on the way forward. A must-read for aspiring and current school leaders."

Sue Williamson, Chief Executive, SSAT